Achieve Mastery with Deliberate Practice

Monthly, day-long intensive workout sessions, focused on software development fundas, away from the pressures of delivery.

What is Code Gym?

  • Day long deliberate practice session based on Code Retreat, Coding Dojo, Code Kata and more...

  • Non-competitive, collaborative, safe and fun environment focused on improving programming skills

Why is deliberate practice important?

Key Goals

Honing Technical Development Skills

  • Practicing 4 Rules of Simple Design
  • Writing self-documenting and expressive code
  • Learning effective problem solving skills
  • Breaking down problems into smaller chunks
  • Exploring alternative ideas and design techniques in a "safe-to-fail" environment
  • Trying Test-driven-development techniques

Improving self-organising capability

  • Building better collaboration and communication skills
  • Reducing key-person dependency
  • Embracing uncertainty


  • Five 45-mins workouts, all through the day followed by retrospective
  • For each workout, we add constraints like:
    • No use of If-else statements
    • Program in a language you've never worked in
    • Test-First
  • Pair programming right from start
  • After each workout, pairs should be swapped
  • After each workout, code must be deleted, not stashed, just deleted with no trace left
  • Use Test-Driven Development (TDD)

Key Gains

  • Pairing helps in exchange of ideas and trying newer ways
  • Acceptance of others ideas and thoughts
  • Solving bigger problems by slicing into smaller chunks
  • Appreciation for different programming languages/paradigm
  • Trying alternative approach to designing and solving problems
  • Practice 4 Rules of Simple Design
  • Focus on naming conventions and self-documenting code
  • Unit testing without TDD at first and with TDD for later iterations
Code Retreat

Free Memberships open to...

  • Architects
  • Tech Leads
  • Developers with 5+ years of experience

Note: This is a programming language agnostic event. Anyone interested in improving their programming skill is welcome!

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